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Singlemode Fiber Optic Cables

We provide a full line of Singlemode fiber optic cables.

  • SC to SC 
  • SC to ST 
  • ST to ST 
  • LC to LC 
  • LC to SC 
  • LC to ST 
  • FC to FC 
  • FC to ST 

Singlemode Introduction
Singlemode fiber is an optical fiber in which only the lowest order bound mode can propagate at the wavelength of interest. Singlemode fibers are best at retaining the fidelity of each light pulse over longer distances and exhibit no dispersion.

A typical single mode optical fiber has a core radius of 5-10 micrometers and a cladding radius of 120 micrometers.

Equipment for Singlemode fiber is more expensive than equipment for Multimode optical fiber, but the singlemode fiber itself is usually cheaper when purchased in bulk.


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