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SCSI Cables, Adapters & Terminators

SCSI: Connectors, Types, Lengths

The SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) standard has become on of the key ways of interfacing data storage  devices. There are three levels for this cabling standard: SCSI-1, SCSI-2, and SCSI-3. The most popular connectors used are DB25, 50-Pin Centronics, High Density DB50, 50-Pin IDC, 68-Pin Micro D, 68-Pin Micro Centronics and  Ultra High Density 68-Pin.

There are two basic types of SCSI devices: Single-Ended and Differential. It is important to know that Single-Ended  devices can be connected only to other Single-Ended devices. In the same fashion Differntial devices are compatible with Differential Devices only.

Most frequently the only information required to get the proper SCSI cable for your devices are the two connector types on the devices to be connected. Only in limited situations it may be necessary to provide to our Sales or Technical Support group the manufacturer and device number for the devices in question.

SCSI has important distance limitations, however these limitations vary depending on wether or not the devices being  connected are single-ended or differential. Differential cables can be significantly longer than the single-ended cables.  Our Technical Support specialists will provide you with specific guidance on your particular configuration.

SCSI Terninators

 The SCSI standard uses a daisy-chain method of connecting the various SCSI devices, and  the SCSI chain needs to end with a terminator. It is recommended that passive terminators be used on systems with a short bus, or when only a few devices are connected on the bus. Active terminators provide optimum termination for almost all SCSI 2 and SCSI 3 applications. Force perfect terminators should be used  when recommended bus lengths are exceeded, or for very high speed  applications.

Product Selection

We carry not only a large selection of SCSI cables and adapters but also a complete line of terminators to provide for  all your SCSI configurations needs. We stock the largest variety of SCSI cable types and cable lengths for equipment from all major manufacturers. Our SCSI cables are constructed to meet or exceed ANSI SCSI 2 and SCSI 3 specifications.  With any questions what-so-ever please call our Sales or Technical Support specialists .


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