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SCSI Adapters

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SCA Adapters
This adapters convert 80-pin SCA to  68-pin and 50-pin SCSI connectors. This adapter is suitable for wide SCSI systems across the board.

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Evolution of SCSI Connector: The Single Connector Standard
Currently, installing a SCSI drive is a complex procedure. Apart from physically mounting the drive within the system chassis, there are the additional tasks of attaching the interface and power cables to their appropriate connectors, and placing several jumpers on the circuit board to configure the drive for proper operation within the SCSI subsystem. These jumpers are used to designate mandatory options such as a specific SCSI ID for that drive, and application specific options such as a delayed or remote start of the spindle motor.

In short, the Single Connector is true to its name. It integrates the power connector, the interface connector, the SCSI ID jumpers, the LED signal, and several other functions into a single unit. The intent of the design is to create a single point of contact for all electrical and electronic connection necessary to operate a SCSI peripheral. As such, it represents an evolution from earlier, disjoint methods to a single, unified system of peripheral attachment.

Probably the best feature of the Single Connector implementation is the capability it provides for "blind mating" the drive to the host. Since all necessary functions are integrated within the connector, a single action is all that is necessary to install a drive. Blind mating greatly simplifies peripheral attachment in critical applications such as network data servers.

Furthermore, electro-magnetic noise which is incurred from adjacent cables is completely eliminated, since there are no cables necessary in the interface connection. This helps preserve the integrity of the data on the SCSI bus and prevents signal corruption.

Shop Online for SCSI Cables & Products


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