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Product Line at a Glance

D - Subminiature Cable Assemblies
An extensive selection of 9, 15, 25, 37, and 50 pin positions; fully, partially, or custom wired, including Plenum and PVC varieties

V.35 Cable Assemblies
For use in high speed (56 kbps) modem applications

Data Grade Modular
To meet all high speed data transmission requirements (categories 3-5, 10 mbps to 100mbps) including ethernet 10Base T and Token Ring applications

Telco Assemblies
Categories 3 through 5 with AMP Champ connectors on both ends or Hydra assemblies with modular plugs

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
Jumpers, pig tails and extended length assemblies terminated with ST, SMA, FDDI, mini BNC, BICONIC, SC, FC connectors, as well as single, duplex, and multi fiber assemblies in both single and multimodes

SCSI and SCSI 2 and HIPPI Cable Assemblies
Configured for 50 position AMP Champ connector (SCSI 1), 0.050 series 50 and 68 position connectors (SCSI 2) and 100 position 0.050 series (HIPPI)

Wire Harenesses
For power applications and data communications

Printer Cable Assemblies
Parallel and serial printer cables of standard configuration and specialty assemblies for custom applications

Coax Cable Assemblies
Cables and connectors for computer and radio frequency applications (BNC, F, SMA, SMB) as well as mini coax bundles

IBM Cable Assemblies
Twinaxial for system 34, 36, 38 and AS/400 plus a complete line of assemblies for the IBM Cabling System Network

Ethernet Cable Assemblies
Coax thick trunk cables, coax thin net cables, Xerox and DEC transceiver drop assemblies

Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies
Sub D, Card Edge, Dual row and Dip Plugs as well as Paddle board connectors with varied twist or straight flat cable

Custom Composite Assemblies

Bus and Tag
Blue bus and tag cables terminated with 48 position serpentine connectors at both ends


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