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Firewire Cables

We manufacture high quality FireWire cables used for connecting digital cameras, DV Camcorders, hard drives, scanners, etc...

FireWire Cables

    4-pin Male to 4-pin Male
    6-pin Male to 4-pin Male
    6-pin Male to 6-pin Male
    9-pin Male to 4-pin Male
    9-pin Male to 6-pin Male
    9-pin Male to 9-pin Male

FireWire Introduction

FireWire was created by a joint effort from Apple, Sony and Panasonic that was standardised in 1995 as IEEE1394. It is also commonly known as iLink on Sony devices and by the IEEE1394 standard.

FireWire cables can transfer data up to 400 megabits per second. FireWire connections are offered today in many notebooks, digital camcorders, and digital cameras, and some external hard drives, CD writers, and other devices.

Recently the new FireWIre 800 standard has been launched, with the original FireWire being renamed FireWire 400. FireWire 800 is twice as fast as FireWire 400, assuming a computer that can handle the full speed.

One advantage that FireWire devices have over USB devices is the ability to draw power from the computer. Standard FireWire cables have six-prong connectors on either end and consist of six wires, two of which can carry power to external devices. That means an external FireWire hard drive could run without AC power when connected to a notebook's six-pin FireWire port. In theory, that's a big benefit for travelers. You'd be able to back up your notebook's hard drive to an external drive while on a plane, for instance.


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